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S.M.A.R.T. Quiz Solutions

Quizzes that Convert

Attract, engage, and convert your ideal customers into raving fans who buy from you over and over again.

Quizzes are the easiest way to build authority, respect and trust with potential customers so they know exactly what they can expect when they do business with you. And it’s all done by simply asking them questions about themselves!

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    3x your ROAS

  • Triple Cash

    Attract your ideal client

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    Educate and entertain your customers

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    It is critical to break through the noise and get peoples' attention. S.M.A.R.T Quizzes are designed to attract your ideal customer, build authority and trust, and help you generate leads from those who are interested in what you do.

    S.M.A.R.T Quiz Solutions

    Quizzes designed with as much, if not more, attention to the questions and outcomes as the sales pages, webinars, and follow up email sequences usually get.

    Every great story has a script. S.M.A.R.T Quizzes uses the Hero's Journey roadmap to design quizzes. After all everyone wants to be the hero of their business right? And when the quiz is the hero of your lead magnets you have a powerful marketing tool you need in your arsenal. 

    The S.M.A.R.T quiz framework will keep the focus on the entire consumer journey from the quiz question to the reward and the all important journey of enlightenment in between. This framework ensures we stay in the zone of intriguing and interesting, while also educating and entertaining the consumer at the same time.

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    Best In Class Client Attraction Tool

    Ask the right question to get the BEST clients



    The hero's journey framework is used to develop quizzes from the call to adventure (Quiz Hook), the trials and tribulations (questions and answers), the segments (identify the tribe), and the reward (lead magnet, report, offer etc.)



    Motivate consumers to "cross the threshold" from the ordinary world to the your world where their pain point(s) are resolved with your products/services



    Build your authority as the mentor (yep your a Gandalf!) with carefully constructed questions that allow you to offer answers that show your depth of understanding of the topic



    As you educate, entertain, and add value you are rewarding your consumer through the journey but also rewarding yourself with a subscriber list of raving fans



    Build trust adding value, offering the right thing at the right time, and following up as promised with products and services that exceed expectations

    Let's hear from some of the success stories

    A good test measures what you want it to measure. Catharine helped me create an assessment that had robust technical quality, content quality, and reliability. She explained the hero framework and guided me on selecting the right question formats based on the purpose of the assessment. Even if you think of yourself as a good writer, getting professional question design from Catharine is well worth it! 

    Ronda R.

    Founder, Legendary Leaders Club at Robinson Alliance Group

    Catharine strikes a unique balance of strategic, curious, creative, and analytical! She is a powerful force and a pleasure to work with. I particularly appreciate Catharine's authenticity, sense of humor and wisdom. She patiently guided me through some high stakes, deep thinking and I am so thankful for her assistance and support. I highly recommend Catharine for your next client acquisition campaign and beyond.

    Jamie D

    Virtual Workshop Leader

    Catharine is an extremely passionate and driven individual who as a client of ours really embraced how to translate consumer insights into being action-oriented rather than retrospective 'nice to know'. It was excellent that she fostered a relationship of common-purpose partnership as opposed to 'master slave' between client and supplier. 

    Nick L.

    Director, Global Verticals, Kantar

    Picture of Catharine

    About Catharine O'Leary

    Catharine has spent her entire 25 year career crafting market research and consumer insights for Fortune 100 companies across the globe. Starting with an economics degree (well 2 actually) she applies micro-economic theory to survey and quiz design to come up with consumer insights businesses use to develop new products, increase usage and awareness, understand underlying consumer needs, and most powerful of all, segmentation studies that put the power of personalization into corporate marketing and sales hands. 

    Now Catharine has turned her sites to online businesses to help them level up and exponentially grow subscriber lists and engage clients to be life long customers and raving fans. As a fellow entrepreneur Catharine knows how hard it is to grab the attention of the ideal customer, engage and get to know them as people should, so they become raving fans. 

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    Research Partners Include:

    Dr. Pepper


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    There is a lot to designing quizzes because there is a lot that can be done with them! Learn how to develop quizzes for your business and/or your clients! The Profitable Quiz Formula Course is opening January 2022! Learn more now!

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    Bring the power of quizzes to your business by designing and implementing a quiz ready for whatever traffic you can throw at it! Let's collaborate to get your quiz generating leads and more importantly customer intel for you!

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    Do you have a group interested in learning more about quizzes and how they can be utilized to personalize marketing and drive sales? Book a spot on the Quiz World Domination Tour!

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